Can Fat Injections Fix A Forehead Dent After Wrinkle Treatments?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Four months ago I underwent a procedure of Facetite and Fractura to smooth out the lines in my forehead. My head was very sore to the touch in a particular spot for four months but not visible bump or bruise. It felt as if I had “walked into a wall”. Now I have a dent in my skull 2 cm wide by 3 cm long… I am concerned this is permanent.. and need to know how this can be fixed! I am guessing the thermal heat had something to do with this. I am concerned about my brain behind the bone also. I am looking for a second opinion in this matter. HELP!

A: Most likely the forehead contour changes that you have MAY be permanent. These are soft tissue changes in the forehead and not that of the underlying bone or brain. The heat from these treatments has likely caused fat atrophy in the forehead tissues causing the soft tissue indentation. While it is possible there may be some recovery of tissue thickness (with emphasis on the word ‘possible’) a complete return to a normal forehead contour over the indented area seems unlikely to me. The appropriate treatment at this point would be fat injections or, at the least, PRP injection treatments.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana