Can Fat Grafting Be Done To The Brow Bones Between The Eyes?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had injectable fat grafting done to my brow ridges several months ago. I like the results of my fat grafting but my only issue is that it leaves the area between the eyebrows (and above my nose) looking hollow. I’m not sure why my surgeon did not inject fat in that region. But could fat be injected there to provide a smooth transition between the brow ridges? I have circled the region between the eyes that is my concern from a stock photo for your reference. Are there any risks associated with fat grafting to the circled area?

A: The area to which you refer between the eyes is known as the glabellar area. It lies between the inside of the eyebrows and, in a male, is a more normally indented area than the brow ridges which overlie the eyes. If the brow ridges have been augmented and the glabellar area has not, then it may well look now by comparison that it is more indented than before. You would have to ask your surgeon why that area was not grafted alone with the brow ridges. I have not specific problem with grafting all the way across the brow ridges, from one side to the other, as long as it is done with a blunt-tipped injection cannula.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana