Can Cutting Out Indented Scars Be Done To Make Them Level?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have two small scars that are indented from a laser to removal 1-2 mm skin inperfection. I now have 1/2cm divots in place from procedure a year ago. I would like to just have scar revision where they cut out scar and bring the area together with stitches! Is this possible to have straight line scar without having indented wide divit? I am scared to ever have laser. One scar is in my furrow by eye brow and other is in location of where your fat bags under your eye/cheek area are. I can submit pictures. I am really just wanting area with flesh lined scar. Do not want fillers either. I’ve had good luck with past incision lines and guess I’m just old fashioned. Thank ou for your time in helping me find a verbal answer without actually seeing a picture at the moment.

A: Generally, indented scars or divots can be nicely treated with excision and closure to level out the skin edges with the trade-off of a scar as you have mentioned. The adviseability of this scar revision approach depends  on the size and location of the indented areas. Seeing a picture of the scars would be most helpful. You just want to sure that the straight-line scar trade-off is worth the exchange for what you have now. It is not a question of whether you can do such scar revision but whether you should. You certainly are so motivated to do so and that seems to be based on sound reasoning.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana