Can Custom Facial Implants (Jawline and Cheek Implants) Be Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 22 year old man who is interested in custom facial implants. I have taken an interest in your practice because of your really detailed and informative website and photos and because of the experience you have with the particular facial implants I want done. I am interested in getting cheek and wraparound jawline/chin implants. I want the cheeks implants because my cheeks are quite small and I would like to have implants put in to make them larger and have a more sculpted face. As for my jawline and chin, it is quite small and narrow and I would like a wraparound jawline implant to give me a stronger wider jawline, a sharper jaw angle in the back, and a larger chin that are seamlessly connected together. I know this will require a custom implant approach to get the best implant symmetry and shape, provide a faster operating time, and provide me with a better chance of obtaining the results I am looking for. I want to know if these two surgeries could be done at the same time? I am really looking for a more masculine sculpted jawline and chin and cheekbones that provide a youthful face as well. I am really interested in you performing the surgery since so far you seem to be the only surgeon I have searched online who has a blog devoted to helping answer clients questions and you have an extremely thorough website.

A: You are correct in assuming that a custom facial implants is the best way to go when one seeks a wrap around jawline implant that is seamless from front to back. While off-the-shelf cheek implants could probably be used, one might as well make the cheek implants custom as well since that would add little cost as the 3D CT scan and software design process is already in place. It would be very common to do cheek, chin and jawline implants together to achieve a comprehensive overall facial enhancement result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana