Can Custom Implants Restore My Jawline After Orthognathic Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had orthognathic surgery to improve my bite and make my jaw more symmetrical. Even though my bite is better, I now realize that my jaw is too small and narrow. I have been researching to find an implant which is able to make my jaw both longer and wider from the chin all the way back to the angles, but can’t find any.  Are there any off-the-shelf implants that can achieve my goal of back to a substantial and robust jawline? Can Medpor or silicone implants be custom made? I am more favourable towards Medpor because of its ability to form on to the bone and become incorporated in it, rather than silicone or any other materials.  I really hope you will be able to help me with this jaw problem.
A: It is hard for me to know how much change you really need based on your description alone. But in cases that I have worked in the past who have had similar concerns they almost always have needed custom rather than stock or off-the-shelf implants. Custom made jawline implants off of a 3-D model which can be designed and manufactured in virtually any dimension so their versatility makes them always the most ideal choice for total jawline enhancement. They can only be made in silicone, custom made implants from Medpor is not an option because it is not offered by the manufacturer and they would be virtually impossible to place anyway. It is also a misconception that bone grows in Medpor which it does not really do. Rather fibrous or scar tissue is what grows into the material…which is why they can be very hard to remove later.

Dr. Barry Eppley