Can Computer-Designed Implants Correct My Facial Asymmetries and Irregularities?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I previously had cheek and jawline reductions to create a slimming/narrowing effect to my face. Unfortunately the surgery has had adverse consequences and has overly feminized my face.  I no longer have a square jawline and I find that the height is much too high at the rear portion of the jaw creating a very slim and weak jawline.  The angle at which the jaw was cut is too straight which portrays a more unnatural look that seems to elongate my face. Custom CT scanned jaw implants seem like the logical response to the amputation of the bone.  My questions in regards to this matter are related to muscle and tissue reattachment as well as unforeseen complications.  Would detachment of mandible muscle and skin tissue create any issues?  I am constantly concerned with sagging skin after performing my initial surgery.  Where would the jaw implant gain the needed skin envelope?  Does the skin tissue come solely from the neck or would it also pull and realign from my lower cheeks? As for my cheeks, there are multiple irregularities in regards to my mid-face after the cheekbone reduction. I am most curious as to what procedures could correct these irregularities.  As my initial surgery was to primarily address the width of my cheekbones, I would not like to add much more.  Could I address the problems without adding more width?

A: I have had the experience of seeing numerousI have see men with the exact situation that you have. It is corrected by computer designed jaw angle implants that restores height but virtually no width. It is a unique-shaped jaw angle implant. It gets its soft tissue coverage by recruiting tissues from the face rather than pulling them up from the neck. Like the jaw angle implants, any cheek implant restoration is done using a 3D CT scan where any implant fabrications are done on the computer and can be perfectly corrected for any asymmetries as well as limiting any significant amount of width.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana