Can Chin Soft Tissue Resuspension Help Lift Up The Chin And Make It Fuller?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My question is relate to a 5mm genioplasty reduction i had done 25 years ago. As a result I’ve lost some contour as far as the muscle below the lip fold. I’ve read that tissue can be tied up to create the natural curve. In a second procedure A small chin implant was placed to restore the fold but I’m still a bit flat. The area looks great when I add filler to that muscle but I’d love to not have to continue to do that. Is it possible to ‘tie up the tissue’ so that I’m not quite so flat from front and side and as a result the chin would be a bit shorter? Thank you!

A: I would not confuse the aesthetic effects of filler with soft tissue resuspension. That is not the effect tissue suspension would create and, even of it could, it would not be a sustained effect. Such tissue resuspensions frequently fail after a few months.(fall back down) The potentially more effective approach is submental chin tuck to make the chin shorter and fat injections to the labiomental fold.

The other option, since fillers works so well, is fat injections with the hope that some of the injected fat survives.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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