Can Cheek Augmentation Be Done Without Adding Facial Width?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a relatively wide face already, and additional width added to the cheekbone area would not be harmonious with the rest of my face as it would highlight my smaller IPD. However, my jaw and cheekbones have a sort of ‘blocky’ look, as to where there is no cheekbone projection. They are very ‘flat’ and do not show from a 3/4 view (OGEE curve). I suspect they have poor projection? Would it be possible to increase cheekbone definition and get the “male model” look of sorts while maintaining my faces width as to not highlight close set eyes? 

Would the best way to go about doing that be a form of implants, or a combination of fat removal procedures? I am concerned that buccal fat removal would give issues as I age, and that perioral liposuction and buccinator myectomy would be a negligible aesthetic improvement. Thank you!

A: I believe what you are referring to is cheek augmentation that creates more of an Ogee curve but without adding facial width in the zygomatic arch area. The question then becomes not whether that is possible through implant design/placement, as it is,  but whether that would have the desired aesthetic effect. That would require some computer imaging to determine but I don’t think a reductive soft tissue approach can accomplish that effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana