Can Cheek Augmentation Be Done With Your Own Bone As Opposed To An Implant?

Q:  Hi Doctor Eppley, can the type of cheekbone and jaw angle advancement be done without implants but with the patients own bone? Such as with a cheekbone osteotomy? Also, do you have any before and after pics of this kind of procedure. I would like the male model look, but I have relatively flat and narrow cheekbones and a weak chin. I am currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and will eventually have a rotational advancement of my jaw, but this will not necessarily improve my cheekbones –do you perform cheekbone advancement widening? And could you send me some before/after pics of such results? Thank you very much for any help! I would certainly be willing to travel to consult with you.

A: Most facial bone augmentations can only be done using synthetic implants on top of the bone. The one exception to that is the chin where the option exists of either a chin osteotomy or chin implant. This is because there is enough bone to cut and move and the direction needed is a favorable one from a bone movement and blood supply concern. Such is not the case with the cheek. While the cheekbone can be cut and moved, it will only produce a widening effect and not a forward or anterolateral effect which is what most patients need and want when they undergo cheek augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana