Can Brow Bone Reduction Surgery Be Done If I Am Bald?

Q:  I am interested in brow bone reduction surgery, flattening my prominent brows. I’m bald and was wondering if the incisions could be done via eye bows as I have no hairline. I was wondering a little about pricing and if there are payment options. Are there any tricks to have your health insurance assist paying for the procedure? Thanks.

A:  Unfortunately, you are not a candidate for brow bone reduction surgery. You can not use your eyebrows for the incisions as this would cause unacceptable scarring, particularly across the bridge of the nose. This would also cause permanent loss of feeling of your forehead up to your scalp. The operation requires an approach from the scalp which is not possible given your lack of hair. In addition, there are not tricks for getting insurance to cover an operation that has no medical basis or symptoms.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana