Can Brow Bone Reduction Be Done With A Prosthetic Implant Replacement?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Would it be possible to, instead of reshaping the bone bone as you described it during our webcam consult, print some bio-compatible prosthetic and replace the bone with it entirely? If so, how much would a procedure like this cost? And if not, do you know of another surgeon who would consider performing the surgery?

All the best,

A: In answer to your brow bone reduction questions:

1) By definition brow bone reduction is frontal sinus surgery…meaning whatever is put back will be directly exposed to the frontal sinus cavity. (the brow bone is the cover for the frontal sinus) So the risk of infection would be quite high with a prosthetic material as opposed to replacing the removed bone with your own reshaped brow bones. It is not a question as to whether this can technically be done as it can. But it would be not be a good decision to do so.

2) I have used computer-generated implant designs to create brow bone ‘reduction’ but in a more indirect method. For the male patient who can not have the incision required for brow bone reduction surgery because of scar concerns, implants can be designed to sit in the supra brow bone break to smooth out the sharp transition from the prominent brow bone into the forehead. This is a more prudent and safer use of brow bone implants.

Dr. Eppley