Can Brow Bone Reduction and Upper Forehead Augmentation Be Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I also have a really slanted forehead so the top of my head looks very Neanderthal-like. Throughout my high school I’d get called a Neanderthal or homosapien and I’m looking at pictures of me from when I barely started high school and I didn’t have that huge brow bone and my forehead was slanted at a right angle, but I understand that genes play a big role too. I saw a post of a patient you had and my head shape is very similar to that and the after results were fantastic! I want my forehead to look slanted but not too slanted. I would like to know how risky this procedure is and well, you’re the doctor so I’d like more information on this.

I’ve even edited before and after photos of my side profile to show how I want my brow bone to be and I really want you guys to be honest with me and let me know if my look is possible 🙂 another question I have is after my brow bone gets shaved will it make my eyebrows be shaped differently? Cause I like how my eyebrows are shaped and all and does this procedure require the big incision that goes all around my scalp or do you guys also do the small incision at the top of the scalp?

A: Thank you for sending morphed images. What you are showing is a combined brow bone reduction with upper forehead augmentation. Such a result is very possible and this is a common procedure in my practice. This is not a risky procedure and is done through a scalp incision but not one that goes from ear to ear. (coronal scalp incision) Reduction of the prominent brow bones does not change the shape of the eyebrows.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana