Can Brow Bone Augmentation Make My Eyes Look Less Prominent?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I have big eyes and it looks like my eyeballs stick out from my upper eyelids and it makes me appear very scary to people. I even sometimes get mistaken for being an Egyptian even though I’m not. I searched over the net and found out that by having brow bone augmentation my eyes will look deeper . That could be the solution to my problem since I want to hide my eyeballs that stick out of my upper eyelids. Do you think brow bone augmentation surgery would help. The thing is that I’m in desperate need of this surgery but at the same time I’m really scared when it comes to surgeries around my eye area. So my question is how safe is brow bone augmentation  surgery and what are the risks and the worst case scenario in terms of the surgery and could it ever effect my eyes negatively in any way in the long run? Thanks alot

A: When it comes to eyes that are too prominent, you want to first be sure that the cause is not some form of exorbitism due to intraorbital tumor or medical condition such as hyperthyroidism. But for the sake of answering your questions, I will assume that yours is natural condition of your anatomy. Therefore, brow bone auugmentation could help as it builds out the upper out eye socket rim, thus making the eye look more recessed. This is a perfectly safe surgery from an eye safety standpoint since it is done from above and does not involve entering the intraorbital space. The potential complications with it are mainly aesthetic, the scar from the coronal scalp incision to do it and whether the brow bone is built up too much or too little.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana