Can Brow Bone Augmentation Lower The Level Of The Upper Eyelid On The Iris?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Just wanted to ask you a quick question about potential supraorbital rim implants. My lower eyelid is a good shape and covers my 1-2 mm of my lower portion of iris and does not need to be raised.

My goal is a more narrow eye shape, so is it plausible to expect that augmentation of the supraorbital rim, would push the upper eyelid down, thereby covering more of the upper part of the iris? I understand this is an obscure request, but I just wanted some advice on how to proceed.

A: The question you are asking, and it is common one amongst men who seek brow bone augmentation, is whether this will either lower their eyebrows and/or the upper eyelids. The answer is it may push the eyebrow down a bit but the level of the upper eyelid is much lower. I have yet to see the lowering of the upper eyelid as an effect that occurs from brow bone augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana