Can Breast Augmentation and A Tummy Tuck Be Done At The Same Time As Part Of A Mommy Makeover?

Q: I am looking to have what I think is called a Mommy Makeover. I have it on TV shows and read about it on the internet. For the breast implants, I am looking to have saline implants done.  I would like them placed behind the muscle if possible.  I am not sure what my ‘true’ cup size is.  I know it is between an A and B.  I would like to be a full C to a small D.  I do need a slight lift but I am concerned about scarring. I would like the incisions to be as discreet as possible. As for the tummy tuck, I think I only need a mini-tuck.  I have a little bit of fat in my lower stomach that stays and I cannot get rid of it.  I also have a little bit of stretched skin that needs to be removed.  I am looking to have the problem fat suctioned out and the muscles to be sutured back together and the little bit of stretched out belly skin removed.  After looking at pictures and watching animated videos on tummy tuck; I realize that my tummy problem is quite small compared to majority of the pictures I have viewed.  I am a small frame as it is.  I am about 5’2” and weight about 115 pounds.

The issues I have may not seem like anything to someone else; but they are BIG to me.  I look at myself each day and do not see a young beautiful woman.  I wonder each day how in the world is my husband still attracted to me.  I am wanting to do this for my self.  I would love to love myself again! Does this sound like it can be all done in a single operation?

A: Mommy makeovers are typically a combination of breast and abdominal reshaping. Improving the very problems that being a mommy has created. Saline breast implants can be placed from a remote incision high up in the armpit that will never be seen. The most limited incision breast lift is that of the superior crescent mastopexy, also known as a nipple lift. It puts a fine line scar at the top of the nipple only right at the junction of the areola and skin. Given your body frame size, you are describing perfectly what a limited or mini-tummy tuck accomplishes.

Both breast augmentation with a lift and a mini-tummy tuck can be done in a single outpatient procedures. The combination of the two truly makes for a new body for Mommy!

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana