Can Botox and Dysport Help A Droopy Eyelid?

Q: Hi, I just would like to know if BOTOX and DYSPORT would lift a droopy upper eyelid? Thank you.

A: Both Botox and Dysport are equivalent injectable drugs that induce muscle paralysis where injected and weakness in the surrounding region. They are superb at stopping that undesireable frowning between your eyebrows or those crow’s feet wrinkles at the side of your eyes. By weakening the overactive forehead muscles, many people may experience a bit of a browlift. This occurs because the paralyzed forehead muscles no longer pull down on the eyebrow, allowing it to raise a little higher.

It is logical to assume that a similar effect would occur in a droopy eyelid. But that assumption would be wrong. A droopy eyelid, known as eyelid ptosis, is the result of a weak levator muscle. The levator muscle is the primary muscle that moves the upper eyelid. When it is weak for whatever reason or is partially detached from the tarsus of the upper eyelid, the lid margin will hang down lower. It becomes noticeable when the lid margin comes down lower on the iris and it only takes a few millimeters lower to be evident.

Since Botox and Dysport paralyze muscle, it would actually make a droopy lid worse. In fact, one of the most dreaded esthetic complications of Botox and Dysport is a droopy eyelid when it inadvertently diffuses into the upper eyelid from above if it is injected too close.

Eyelid ptosis can only be improved by surgery. The amount of lid droop and its cause determines what type of ptosis repair technique is needed.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana