Can Any Type Of Scar Revision Be Done To Improve My Shoulder Scar?

Q:  I have had a couple of surgeries on my shoulder to revise an old scar I have. However, I am not quite satisfied with the results. In retrospect, while I believe my surgeon did a decent job and intended well, he did make some crucial mistakes. I fully understand that each scar is different, but do believe that my expectations are all-in-all reasonable, that is why I am looking for the right expert to perform a last try to improve the scar in a way that is satisfactory to me. I have been impressed with the scar revision results you have posted and would like to know if it would be a start to send you some pictures of the scar, maybe follow up with a call if that makes sense. It is not a problem for me come over to the states for the surgery in case we come to a consensus. Thanks.

A: Scars on the shoulders are a particularly difficult problem. Between very thick skin and relatively constant motion, scars across the shoulders will often end up fairly wide and hypertrophic. This can occur even in well done scar revisions. I would be hesitant to state that your prior surgeon made ‘some crucial mistakes’ merely because the scar did not end up significantly improved. In considering any further efforts at shoulder scar revision, it would be extremely helpful to know what was done (surgically) to determine if a different surgical technique for scar revision can be used that might have a different outcome.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana