Can Any Skull Reshaping Method Reduce The Width Of My Large Head?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in skull reshaping to reduce the width of my head. I have a large head and I’m embarrassed about it. I have to buy larger hats than everybody else and it’s a hassle to wear sunglasses or prescription glasses because my head is so large that it squeezes and gives me a headache. I have to order special made ones if I want them to be comfortable. I understand that it’s not really a problem, but I’ve been self conscious about it for years and I want something done to stop constantly thinking about it. I would like a procedure that would make my head smaller in width. What could you do?

A: Skull reshaping can provide numerous skull shape changes and one of those is in the reduction of its width. In looking at your head shape, it easy to see your concerns with a fair amount of temporal convexity, bulging of the anterior temporal lines and a general side to side large cranial outline. While there are limits to how much the skull be reduced, there are some visible changes that can be achieved. The bulging on the sides of your head (temporal area above the ears) can be reduced by temporal muscle reduction/shortening and the anterior temporal lines (transition between the sides of the head and the top) can be reduced by about 5 to 7mms. These manuevers will never make your head width as small as you would like but they can make a visible difference.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana