Can An Implant Push Out A Deep Labiomental Fold?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was just curious if a silicone implant place could success push out a moderate labiomental fold. I read in one of your studies that cadaver material such as gortex could be used but would make only a modest difference. For someone who wants the fold more straight and pushed out, could a thicker implant such as a customized silicone implant work better?

A: No form of underlying bone augmentation will push out a deeper labiomental fold as the fold is reflective of the origin of the mentalis muscle to the bone. Improving the depth of the labioimental fold requires soft tissue augmentation. (right under the skin but above the muscle) Whether that should be done by fat injections, the intraoral placement of a dermal-fat graft or some form of a subcutaneous implant can be debated. Bur regardless of how it is done the result you have imaged (a completely eradicated fold depth) is not possible. Halfway between your original fold depth and what you have imaged is a more realistic outcome.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana