Can An implant Be Used To Correct My Inner Thigh Contour Deficiency?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I see that you have a post on various implants that can be implanted in the body. My left thigh (inner part) is more curved and less developed than my right thigh. I have attached some pictures of my inner thighs. I’m wondering if you perform implants of this kind. Can you please let me know? I cannot find any surgeons in the U.S. who perform this kind of implant. Thank you. 

A: I did get your pictures and can see the inner thigh difference in contour to which you refer. The question is whether an implant is the appropriate solution to that problem. I ask that question for two reasons. First there will be a noticeable scar in the inner thigh through the implant must be placed. While it is not a long scar (3 -4 cms), the inner thigh is a sensitive area in terms of less than ideal scarring. Secondly, the location of the implant would be between the sartorius and the vastus medialis muscles which is a good submuscular location. (although this is a superficial inner thigh muscle) Since there is no true thigh implant, the best body implant choice would be a calf implant which is long and slender and would seem to have an appropriate shape for this location and the overlying muscle. Current calf implant lengths are 15 cms (small) to 24 cms long.(large) It would be helpful for you to outline on your leg your perceived length of the contour area and what is lengths in cms. is.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana