Can An Implant Be Placed To Build Up My Small Calf From Polio?

Q: Dr. Eppley, my question is can I have calf augmentation implants because I have polio since 10 years old from feet to my knee. My right leg is really thin and my left leg is normal. Thank you!

A: There are many causes of calf asymmetry in which one calf is smaller due to gastrocnemius muscle atrophy or lack of development. Club foot and polio would be two examples that can result in smaller heads of this calf muscle. There is no reason why you could not get a calf implant into the affected leg. The question is how small or tight is the skin on that leg. In cases of severe muscle atrophy the enveloping skin may be very tight. This will control or limit whether a calf implant can be inserted and be big enough to  make a visible difference. When using implants for correction of calf asymmetries, the question is never whether one can make the affected calf normal in size (because you can’t) but how much improvement can be obtained.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana