Can Alar Base Reduction Be Reversed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, , I’ve attached some pictures of my original nose before surgery and then some pictures of how my nostrils are shaped now after surgery due to the alar base reduction. I’ve labeled every single picture so that its clear which one is post op and pre op. I’ve also pointed out with arrows of how the nostrils have been brought down. One of the pictures is immediately post op in operating room.

I did not ask my surgeon to perform this procedure, and he did not give me any information on it prior to the surgery. He basically removed the alar base where I had the natural curvature of how my nose met with my cheeks. He brought the nostrils downwards and now it looks very weird and is causing my nose to look flat and wider than prior to surgery (since he has aligned it with my columella). 

I know there are ways to reverse this with grafting but scarring is an issue. I wanted to show this to Dr. Eppley as I know he has a lot of expertise in reconstructive surgeries and may have methods to reverse this in a natural looking way. 

A: You can not reverse alar base reduction surgery. Once skin is removed you can’t put it back without unnatural and very noticeable scarring.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana