Can Abdominal Etching Be Done In Women?

Q: Just wondering how common abdominal etching is amongst females.  Most research online seems to be pointing to men only. 

A: Abdominal etching is a plastic surgery procedure for the artificial creation of a ‘six-pack’ appearance. This is done through liposuction techniques by removing linear strips of subcutaneous fat to highlight where the muscular inscriptions would be. This creates indentations in the overlying skin which looks like muscular definition. It should only be considered in a fit individual whose has a limited fat thickness over the abdominal area. It not only works better in this type of patient but will also look more natural. I currently use a Smartlipo technique which has a 3mm wide probe and metal cover which creates nice thin tunnels with very small entrance incisions. The heat from the laser helps the skin contract down as well.  

You are correct in that it is much more commonly requested and done in men. That undoubtably reflects our current cultural fashion standards where men are defined by their muscle mass and definition while women are better appreciated for their curves. (history also shows that this is true through the ages) In my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice for every 10 abdominal etchings I have done, nine are done in men.  But I have done a few in women. 

The surgical technique is the same in women and is actually a little easier to do with more consistent definition in my observation. This is likely due to the thinner subcutanous fat layer that exists in most athletic women.

Dr. Barry Eppley