Can A Temporal Lift Also Lift The Cheeks As Well?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Im interested in temporal lift to elevate my brows laterally only (not interested in endoscopic or coronal brow lift) including elevating my upper cheek lift, with the same temporal incision .. Will you be so kind to let me know the price for this procedure and what is your technique? Are you going to just remove a little bit of skin and then suture? Or are you going to dissect the whole tissue? 

A: While temporal or lateral brow lifts can be done by several techniques, your interest by your own description is in what is known as a more direct or excisional approach. This requires the placement of an incision either right at the hairline or back in the temporal scalp. Either approach requires some tissue dissection and excision for its effect.

Trying to get the more distant cheek tissue lifted through the same identical incision is more challenging because it is an area further away than that of the brows. This falls into the basic principle of the further away the pull area is from the target the less effective it is. Unless a hairline incision is used that extends low in the temporal area concomitant cheek lifting will require use of additional dissection techniques in the subtemporal or lower eyelid areas.

I would need to see pictures of you to better determine how temporal/cheek lifting would be done and what type of result you is seeking….before a cost of the surgery can be provided. There are too many variables here just to just guess.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana