Can A Submentoplasty Create A Sharper and Higher Neck Angle?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I appreciate that Dr Eppley responded to my RealSelf post and understand that a submentoplasty would be the best option. From some of the research that I’ve done, I worry that because of the location of my hyoid bone, the operation would not be that beneficial to me. I had a genioplasty a couple of years ago and the surgeon told me they removed a small amount of fat under my chin area, as best they could but that there wasn’t much to begin with – therefore, there may only be some loose skin.

I have attached a number of images as requested. Do let me know if you need anything more. The morphed image shows me pulling back the skin to show the potential amount of possible change.

A: As stated in my answer on Real Self the only way to potentially achieve that change, realistic or not, is by directing changing the cervicomental angle as previously described. This is not going to be achieved by removal of excess fat or skin, neither of which you have. Most patients with low hyoid bones have much more obtuse cervicomental angles and less lower jaw projection.

I trust that you realize what you are asking is to take the perfectly normal and make it ‘supernormal’ anatomically. This is not always easy or necessarily attainable.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana