Can A Solid Silicone Implant Be Used To Fix My Flat Back Of My Head?

Q:  Hola por favor diganme si colocarse silicona solida en la parte de atras d la cabeza es bueno o malo? si mas adelnate de dañara cual es el costo y en donde puedo hacermelo,xfavor diganmee!! tengo la cabeza plana y tengo 20 años esto me ha molestado toda mi vida!! ayudaaaa xfavorrrrrr

A: A solid silicone implant is not a good idea for the back of the head for correction of flatness or asymmetry. However, an acrylic or PMMA cranioplasty is a better idea and is commonly used. This is placed through a scalp incision where the acrulic mixture is placed, shaped, and allowed to set before closure. One could anticipate a total surgical cost of around $7500 when done as an outpatient procedure.

You may feel free to send me some photos of your head for my assessment to see if this is a good procedure for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana