Can A Small Implant Be Used To Correct My Jaw Angle Asymmetry?

Q: Dr. Eppley, sorry for showing images again but I was looking and realized the right side of my face is the only part that bothers me and I’m wondering if theres just a small implant that can make it the same as my left side to correct my jaw angle asymmetry.. I can see that on my good side the angle is a little closer to my ear, a little longer, and a little thicker. Also you might not see it but the area beside my ear is also a lot more hollow than my other side. (Can easily feel it) not sure if the bone in the area isn’t as thick or if the muscle is weaker.

A: While one could use just a ‘small’ implant for the right side, there are always problems with standard implants for asymmetry problems. And the problem is the smaller the problem is the harder it is to get it symmetric. Often you just create a different type of asymmetry. But if one was to use a standard implant for just one side, you have better have a 3D CT scan to take measurements for how the implant should shaped. Or even use an engineer to establish the dimensions of what would be the exact dimensions that the implant needs to be.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana