Can A Sliding Genioplasty Fix A Sagging Chin Problem After Implant Removal?

Q: Hi Dr Eppley, I had chin implant taken out before the doctor tried to sew the intraoral incision under the lower lip 3 times to fix numbness and droppy lower lip before taking the medium silicone chin implant out which was put intraorally. Now after 6 months the pain and numbness is gone but the chin is droppy due to all these surgeries. Do you think a sliding genioplasty will make the chin look less droopy and, if it is possible, to also slide it forward and bit upward? Where I live the surgeons are not advanced as you Dr Eppley. I tried to call the manufacturer who supplies dissolvable bone anchors but they did not know anything about this treatment. Please advice me something as I have lost all hope.

A: The concept to grasp about the placement of a chin implant is that it stretches or expands the existing chin tissues. In essence, it creates more soft tissue than was originally present. This combined with disruption of the mentalis muscles off of the bone over a  projecting prominence make for a potential problem if the implant is ever removed. Without implant support, the chin soft tissues will sag or become ptotic. There are multiple strategies to deal with this chin problem but a sliding genioplasty can be a very effective solution. As the chin bone is advanced, it not only increases chin prominence but adds underlying volume to support the sagging expanded soft tissues. While I would have to see pictures of you to be sure, this sounds llike an excellent solution to your chin problem.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana