Can A Second Rhinoplasty Make My Nasal Tip Any Slimmer?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi there I was interested in revision rhinoplasty I got my rhinoplasty 8 months ago but not happy with the shape and scarsAs one side I feel is slimmer then the other side and I can feel it with my finger and it tilts more to one side slightly.But was wanting my tip pretty narrow and slim as it looks almost identical to how my tip was before the surgery just wanting to know if possible.

A:Since I don’t know what your nose looked like before and what was done exactly in your rhinoplasty surgery it would be impossible to say whether further improvement is possible. I would need before and after pictures as well as a description of what type of rhinoplasty was done. (e.g.., rib graft, implants etc) The scars along your nostril bases indicated that you and nostril narrowing/nasal bases reduction. Usually those scars can be secondarily improved.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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