Can A Revision Genioplasty Be Done To Vertically Shorten My Chin?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I did an upper and lower jaw surgery five months ago. Unfortunately a genioplasty with bone graft was also done. See before and after X-rays attached. I’m very happy with my upper and lower jaw surgery but not the genioplasty with bone graft because now I’m unable to close my lower lip without forcing the lips together. It looks like the lower lip is being pulled down.

 Is it possible to redo the genioplasty so Im able to close my mouth more easily. The secondary problem is that my face also look too long now. I added some before and after X rays. Is it possible to recut the bone and slid it back upwards half the distance it was slid downwards?. Or is it better to remove the bone graft and make the chin as it was originally?

Bony Genioplasty Indianapolis Dr Barry Eppley

A: Given that it has been nearly six months from the original procedure, there is no concern at this point about revisiting the genioplasty site. You can simply redo the genioplasty and either remove entirely the length that was added by the bone graft or shorten to whatever vertical distance you want. It is just as straightforward to do it either way.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana