Can A Prominent Forehead Artery Be Ligated?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am wondering about artery ligation, I have an artery that pulsates and is bulging, I don’t believe this is from the temporal area ,it is above my left eye and goes into my scalp. (pictures attached) Over the last 2 years it has become more prominent, I’m wondering if it’s possible to ligate this artery safely to reduce or eliminate the appearance, I have been checked for temporal arthritis prior with negative results. 

Thank you very much 

A: The central forehead is a very unusual place for a prominent artery to appear. The vast majority of prominent facial arteries comes from a branch of the superficial temporal artery at the side of the temples/forehead. Most central prominent vessels are larger and are veins. in rare instances it may be the branch of the supraorbital artery (which appears to the case in you) which comes out of a foramen in the brow bone and courses upward across the forehead into the scalp.

To ligate the supraorbital artery this requires a small incision inside the eyebrow to ligate the proximal point (forward flow) and then another small incision behind the frontal hairline to llgate the distal point. (backflow)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana