Can A Paranasal Implant Fix My Nostril Asymmetry?

Q: Dr. Eppley, is it possible (either through rhinoplasty or implant) to basically provide more volume under the alar? One of my nostrils is slightly lower than the other, which I know can be fixed with rhinoplasty, but it also seems to sit further back in my face, i.e. more recessed in a way. Is it possible to kind of shorten the nostril to move it up and forward, or add an implant underneath for volume, which will have the same effect I’m guessing? Because I think it might be due to the underlying bone just below the outer rim of the nostril – my right nostril seems to have more bone underneath, providing more volume so the nostril doesn’t sink into my face. Could an implant be placed under the left one to emulate this? Thanks
A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your well illustrated pictures. What you are referring to is augmentation of the alar base for the more recessed side. This paranasal deficiency is indeed treated by the placement of a paranasal implant which is made just for that purpose. This is typically placed through a small intraoral incision or can be done from an intranasal incision as well.
Dr. Eppley