Can A Older Female Have A Direct Neck Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I think I am interested in a direct neck lift. I am 68 years old, slim and sporty. I have had two face lifts, the second had to be redone completely five months later so this makes in reality three face lifts with the last one being done five years ago which still holds pretty well except for the neck. My surgeon suggested to have a direct neck lift, since I have no skin elsewhere to cut off. I saw that you are a specialist in direct neck lifts. I hesitate to have this vertical scar, although my scars fade away pretty well but in the middle of the neck would be awkward. I do dancing for my pleasure and my friends in the class would see the scar. There is little skin to be taken away. I have still a nice line around my face, but the profile is not nice looking, it makes a direct line from the chin to down to the neck. If I turn my head or lift it a little it is ok.  Did you ever do a direct neck lift on a lady? How is the scar? Many thanks in advance.

A: I have done many direct neck lifts with the vast majority being in older men. I have done a few in older women as well but these were for considerable amounts if neck sagging and they were seeking an economic solution for their neck wattles. In a female I do not consider it as good a scar as in men. Based on your description of having only a little loose skin and being very sensitive about the scar in advance, I would be hard pressed to say this is a good procedure for you. While there is no questioning the simplicity and effectiveness of the procedure, it is simply an issue of the aesthetic trade-off. Is it better to have no scar and a loose neck or a sharp neck angle with a fine line scar? You simply have to choose which aesthetic problem would bother you less…and based on your description alone it sounds like a scarless but undesireable loose neck skin would be better than the scar trade-off.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana