Can A Non Invasiv Browlift Improve My Heavy Eyelids?

Q; Dr. Eppley, Im interested in fat transfer to brow and temple and/or non invasive brow lift (not botox) and fat graft to the hands. I had a mini lower facelift several years ago and just had an upper eyelid lift this year. My eyelids are still heavier than I’d like because my brow needs to be lifted. I’m not a candidate for endo brow lift because I have a high hairline and family history of hair loss.

A:I am not aware of what a ‘non-invasive’ browllift may be as they are all surgical. Excluding an endoscopic browlift every other browlift works by the excision of tissue somewhere to achieve its effect. For a high hairline patient the only options are a pretrichal (frontal hairline) or a direct browlift approach. While fat grafting will add volume to the brows it is not going to create a true browlift effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana