Can A Nasal Scar Revision Fix The Slits From A Nostril Narrowing?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a nostril narrowing procedure done a few years ago and the scar was hidden underneath the nostril, but now I have these two slits in the nostrils where the skin should be filled out. Is there a way to plump up the skin with filler or cartilage in the nasal still?Will these incision leave a scar? From looking at my pictures, do you think the cartilage grafting will make my nasal sills look natural? Do the cartilages last a long time and is it possible for the cartilage to come out of place from the “slits?” Where would the incision site be?  I hope I can fix my nasal sills, they are so obvious and it makes my nostrils look awkward.

A: To do the surgery, of course, incisions will need to be made. But they will be made within the scars you already have. The way to make your nasal sills look more natural is to remove the slits in them which are not normally present. One would think that just cutting out the slits and put the skin edges together should work (and that alone might) but there is definitely a propensity for scar contracture to ultimately re-create a notch or slit. That is the purpose of a small sliver of cartilage graft. By placing a small sliver of cartilage underneath the skin edges prior to closure, it serves as a bridge of support for the overlying skin to prevent a recurrent slit sill deformity. Cartilage normally does not resorb so its support will likely be permanent. Even if it does ultimately resorb it will do so over time…long after the nasal sills have healed

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana