Can A Midface Implant Change The Angle Of The Cheek Line?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Can midface implant make nasomaxillary complex more forward and change the angle of “cheek line”. By a cheek line I mean a line from lower eyelid to nasal base; on flat midface is it more vertical while on projected midface it is more sloped(I attach photos to make it clean). Standard double jaw surgery with counterclockwise rotation doesnt reach. Probably the best solution to that would be Lefort 2 with counterclockwise rotation or other nasomaxillary osteotomy but its probably more risky. Rhinoplasty also wouldn’t make a difference to cheek line since it would only make nasal tip more projected why the midface is still flat/vertical.

A: A midface implant can very well change the cheek line as you have indicated by improving the projection of the nasomaxillary complex.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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