Can A Medpor Facial Implant Be Removed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have consulted with various surgeons regarding my Medpor orbital rim implants as I would like to have them removed. However, these surgeons seem divided in thought – with some claiming that it’s impossible to remove as it causes too much damage, while others said that it would be possible but difficult. This has left me slightly confused as to what the actuality of Medpor removal is. Based on your experiences, do you think removing these Medpor implants with minimal soft tissue damage would be possible if the surgeon were meticulous about it?

A: In short, the removal of Medpor implants can be safely done. I have removed numerous Medpor implants over the years from the chin, jaw angles, cheeks and orbital rims. While it is true that there are much more adherent than silicone (which isn’t at all), there are far from impossible to remove. I have yet to see a Medpor implant that has any bone ingrowth for which they are touted to have. One very interesting feature about Medpor implant removal is that they are less hard after they have been implanted in the body and have had tissue ingrowth than when they are initially put in. This is undoubtably due to water absorption into the interstices of the implant.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana