Can A Lower Buttock Lift Fix My Indentations Caused By Liposuction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 29 year old female that received liposuction in 2009 to the outer and inner thigh area because of stubborn fat that was left after a weight loss.. Immediately afterwards I had “banana rolls” or a double butt line that has gotten worse throughout the years. Plastic surgeons in my area said I would most likely need an incision to fix the problem but did not feel comfortable performing that sort of procedure. This deformity has prevented me from feeling confident. No matter how much I exercise the line stays the same. I cannot wear shorts, or a bikini bottom for that matter, and even jeans don’t fit properly anymore. I hide my backside from my boyfriend constantly. Your website gave me hope that the problem could one day be fixed. This would give me back the confidence I once did. Thank you for your time.

A: There is a difference between a double butt line and a true banana roll deformity. It is a matter of how much loose skin exists along the infragluteal crease. A banana roll has a skin overhang of varying degrees with an indistinct lower gluteal crease. It can only be treated by a skin excision and tuck, known as a lower buttock lift. A double butt line is a skin indentation, not necessarily a skin excess issue. It could be treated by either skin excision or fat injection, although the skin excision would be more effective. I would like to see a side profile view of your buttock to have a better idea of the buttock profile and the depth of the indentation.

A decision to do a corrective buttock lift is about accepting the aesthetic trade-off of a fine line scar instead of a double butt line. Either one is not perfect and it is just a choice of which one thinks looks better.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana