Can A Lip Advancement Make My Upper Lip Even In Size With My Lower Lip?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting a lip advancement procedure that would make my upper lip at least equal to my lower lip. My lips are significantly out of proportion.  I have sent 3 pictures as references. Would you be willing to make such a drastic lip change to make them equal in size/appearance. I really would not be happy with the results if this outcome isn’t achievable. I live out of state and would have to fly in the night before the surgery and then fly out the day after. Would that cause any problems with the procedure and healing process. I am a very healthy 38 year old male with no health conditions. I have had anesthesia for a prior procedure. I am in the health field so I could perform most of the post care protocols. Thanks for your help.

A: Through a lip advancement your upper lip could be made almost even, if not completely even, to that of your lower lip. This is a procedure that could be performed under either local anesthesia (office) or IV sedation (procedure room) Many lip reshaping patients of mine come from afar so distance is not a concern in terms of healing or a cause of any after surgery problems. As you undoubtably know, the only issue with the lip advancement is the fine line scar along the vermilion border which is why it is not as commonly done in men as in women…although this does not mean the scar is any different. I don’t know of you are going to have upper lip hair or not after the procedure so the scar may or may not be of significant consideration.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana