Can a Larger Chin Implant Be Replaced with a Smaller One? (Chin Implant Revision)

Q: Dr. Eppley, Would you need to see x-rays or any other studies to consider doing a chin implant revision?

Have you ever helped anyone in my situation where a larger implant simply needs to be replaced by a smaller one?

Do you have any specialist trained in ultherapy who has experience in treating excessive facial fat?

As I live out of state, do you ever do virtual consultation through Skype, plus photographs I could send so I would not have to travel there twice if I were to be a good candidate for the procedures?

Thanks again for your time and expertise.

A:In answer to your questions:

1) A 3D CT scan of the mandible/chin is always useful to see the position of the indwelling implant on the bone.

2) Chin implant revisions are very commonly done for size, style and/or implant positioning….as many people want their chin augmentation bigger as want it smaller.

3) My medical aesthetician specialist uses Exilis for the treatment of unwanted facial fat with good success..

4) My assistant Camille will contact you to schedule a virtual consultation time.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana