Can A Large Number Of Facial Reshaping Procedures Be Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interesting in a variety of facial procedures to create an overall facial reshaping effect. I have done a lot of research and have concluded that I would like the following done:

1) Corner of Mouth Lifts

2) Upper Blepharoplasties

3) Tail of the Brow Lift (Transpalpebral Browlift)

4) Fat injections to the Lower Eyelids/Infraorbital Rims and Upper and

      Lower Lips

5) Cheek Implants

6) Chin Implant

7) Jaw Angle Implants

8) Rhinoplasty

9) Brow Bone Augmentation

10) Temple Implants

Do you think the result could still appear natural with so much procedures? Can they all be performed at one time? 

A: I would not disagree with you that this list is a lot of facial reshaping surgeries although I have performed such a list before on a handful of patients. While a large number of skull and facial procedures can be combined in a single operation, whether that can and should be done is based on the practical issues of cost, extent of recovery, will the objective of overall facial reshaping be achieved and whether so many facial changes will look natural.

When it comes to looking natural from extensive facial changes, the key is that no single one of the components of the procedure should be ‘overdone’. The more aesthetic operations in proximity that you do, the changes they make will be cumulative and more obvious. Thus each element of the plan should be done conservatively to not look out of proportion or distorted later.

While many facial procedures are done as an outpatient, this collection of procedures would require that the patient stay overnite after surgery. You must also consider how long your face will be swollen and when you will be presentable for work or other socially scrutinizing activities of daily life.

Cost is almost always what pares down a very long list of desired facial procedures to the most practical or those procedures that produce the greatest value or facial change per investment. A good exercise to do is to rank all of your chosen procedures in order of importance to you from the most important to ‘it would be nice but I can live without it.’

Putting the issues of recovery, a natural look and cost together will determine for you whether this number of facial surgeries can be done in one operation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana