Can A Jumping Genioplasty Be Done After A Prior Chin Osteotomy?

Q:   I have a question about jumping genioplasty. I am curious, if you have had previous chin surgery with indwelling plates and screws as well as possible internal scarring of the muscle that causes creases in your chin when you smile, can you still undertake a jumping genioplasty? Or would the scar tissue and plates and screws from the previous ostetomy prevent this? I understand this makes surgery more difficult to carry out. I was just wondering if it is still possible.

A:  While you are correct in that it is more difficult, it is not impossible and sometimes is fairly uncomplicated. The only limiting factor is the plates and screws used from the first osteotomy and how easy they are to remove. The typical osteoplastic genioplasty, if the chin has been advanced, is a step titanium plate with 4 or 6 screws. As long as bone had not completely grown over these metal devices, they are often fairly easy to unscrew and pry out the step plate. But if bone has completely covered these devices, their removal can be very difficult and destructive. Fortunately, complete bony healing over the plate and screws is not common. Once the devices are removed, the osteotomy is straight forward and the prior chin surgery actually makes it easier to complete a secondary bone cut.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana