Can A Hump Removed During A Rhinoplasty Grow Back Again?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I had a rhinoplasty done to reduce the bump on my nose.. The doctor told me that he took it off using a rasp which shaved it down. What I am wondering is whether the bump can grow back again? I have read that some people who have had their nose hump removed have had it grow back again a few years after their surgery. Is this true?

A: There is really no such thing as a hump or bump (a dorsal hump in plastic surgery terms) that grows back after it has been treated by a rhinoplasty operation. Once the bone and cartilage have been removed, they do not have the ability to grow new bone or cartilage tissue. That is a regenerative capability that we as adults do not have. (and for many medical problems I wish we did!) The perception of a dorsal hump ‘growing back’ after s rhinoplasty most likely reflects a hump that was never sufficiently removed in the first place. While it may initially look like it was removed, it can ‘reappear’ when all of the surrounding tissue swelling goes away. If you add inj a little scar tissue on top of an inadequate reduction, some hump can once again be seen. Whatever amount of residual dorsal hump that is seen after a rhinoplasty is merely a reflection of what was originally there. Regrowth should not be confused with inadequate removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana