Can A Forehead Reduction Be Done In A Man?

Q: Hello. My hairline is kind of far back. I would say it is about 2 cm too far and it is really making me look odd.  I have attached a video which captured it pretty good as well as some photographs. Here are my thoughts. Every cm. down would be a great thing for me, but as you can see, I also have some natural receded hair in the corners of each side. Could this look weird or odd in case of bringing the hairline down a bit or will they also be brought down? Also, I don’t mind the ehighht of my forehead. It is just that the hairline sits so far back.

A: When doing a hairline advancement, the entire frontal hairline is moved although the greatest movement is in the middle. Your issue for a forehead reduction is that you are a male and young. Since you can not possibly predict how stable your frontal hairline will be for the rest of your life, the fine line scar from the procedure along your existing hairline may not always be at the very edge of your hairline.  This raises the very high probability for most men that the scar one day, sooner or later, may be visible in front of one’s hairline. This is why hairline advancements (forehead reductions) are rarely, if ever, done in men

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana