Can A Forehead Reduction Be Done After Hair Transplants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in forehead reduction. I have had 3500 FUE strip harvest hair transplants done five years ago. While the grafts have taken well without hair loss I have a remaining large forehead. I still have some elasticity to the scalp and am interested in seeing what a forehead reduction can do.

Q: The key element of a successful forehead reduction (and I assume you mean hairline advancement and not bony reduction) is the scalp elasticity as you have already noted. That scalp elasticity comes from the back of our head primarily and not so much the top when the scalp is advanced. If you have had 3500 transplants that would indicate to me that you have had at least two harvests procedures and a linear scar exists across the back of your head. (unless it was done by Neograft or Artiss) That does not bode well for much scalp mobilization no matter how loose it may seem. (although I can not say for sure about the scalp elasticity just by looking at pictures) Secondly there is also the issue of needing a frontal hairline incision. This is always a little bit more risky for prominent scarring in men as opposed to women. Hair density along the frontal hairline is important so that issue also needs to be considered.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana