Can A Forehead Osteoma Be Removed In A Male?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I came across an article of yours discussing osteoma on the skull. I could not understand what was advised in the event the osteoma was located on the forehead (male)? Is it that there is no treatment because of the fact that a scar would be left? Thank you.

A: When osteomas are on the visible forehead, which quite frankly is the most common osteoma location that I see, their removal must consider a variety of approaches because of potential scar considerations. The most direct way to remove a forehead osteoma is through an overlying incision. In the male with pre-existing horizontal forehead wrinkles this may not be a significant scar issue. But when it is, more distant access off of the forehead must be done or considered. This would mean using an endoscopic technique to do it. The success or adviseability of endoscopic forehead osteoma removal is based on the size and location of this benign bony tumor. If it is small and has a well-defined bony base, then an endoscopic approach using an osteotome can work quite well. If it is larger and has a broad and ill-defined edge at its base, this can be more problematic for an effective removal with a smooth contour to the  surrounding frontal bone. Burring with an instrument can not be done through endoscopic access as of yet which is what is ideally needed in this broader-based lesions.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana