Can A Failed Surgery to Correct Inverted Nipples Ten Years Ago Be Successfully Done Today?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a surgery to correct my inverted nipples ten years ago and it did not work. It just left me with scarring. I read some reviews on your success with the surgery and wanted to get more information about how I go about scheduling a surgery living out of state.

A: I have found the best method for inverted nipple correction is to do a release and simultaneous placement of an interpositional graft. (e.g., stacked Alloderm wafers, dermal-fat graft) Whether that would be effective now for scarred down inverted nipples of long duration after a prior effort can not be predicted before surgery. It could only really be known by doing it. A prior procedure and scarring makes it more difficult than it would otherwise be. One test that could be help is whether you can manually make the nipple come out by gently squeeing on it. If so that is a very positive sign whether you have had prior surgery or not. I suspect, however, that yours does not even your prior surgery. That does not mean, however, that subsequent surgery may not be more successful.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana