Can A Custom Jawline Implant Be Made To Add Vertical Length?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in having custom  jawline implant with you but I have several questions want to ask. I want to get jawline implant not because I want to be more masculine looking, but instead I think my flat and short jawline makes me look weird in oblique (45 degree) view. I had a chin implant but it didn’t help much. The chin length looks OK in frontal view (in fact I’d say a bit short for a male) and it protrudes enough in lateral view, but in oblique view it doesn’t look very projecting because of the vertically short jaw. It looks like Lindsay Price before she got a chin and jaw surgery. Besides that I don’t have the angle, my jaws go directly up to my ears. 

My questions are: 

 1) Is it possible to get a jawline implant but not make my face wider (no angled & lateral jaw), instead just making the jaw steeper? For example, like Cameron Dallas or Justin Bieber (they have very steep jawline)

 2) I have a V-shaped lower face, is it possible to remain the overall V-shape and sharp chin, but just make the overall length longer & steeper? Like my friend on the left, he has very long chin and steep jaw, but still has sharp chin.

3) I now have a chin implant, but I know that for a custom implant you need to design on a CT file. Is it possible to distinguish between the bone and implant, and design on a CT file with a current chin implant? Or I’ll need to take CT after removing the old implant? 

4) Is computer simulation possible for jawline and chin implant?

A: By the description of your jawline concerns and needs,  you need a custom jawline implant that is made off of a 3D CT scan that wraps around the entire jawline. It can be made with your chin implant in place which is then digitally removed during the the implant’s design process. The implant’s shape and dimensions can be made virtually anyway one wants it to crate their desired jawline shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana