Can A Custom Jaw Implant Make A Long Slim Straight Jawline?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thank you for taking the time to generate this computer modeling image for me. Although striking, I find the jaw line in the modeling too bold or strong for my liking. Perhaps I need time to acclimatize to the new look. I am more inclined to a long slim straight jaw line with small round (almost but not quite pointy, but not square or large round/oval) chin as in the first attached image.

I understand that you would be making a custom implant from the CT Scan I will provide. But from my limited web research, I have made the following observations. If Implantech implants were used, the back of the jaw would just be built out to appear 1” below the ear as opposed to the modeling of 2” below the ear (using a jaw angle lateral width implant versus an vertical lengthening jaw implant). I understand that the chin implant (such as the vertical lengthening chin by Implantech) would add projection reducing pre jowl sulcus as well as help with the angle under the chin. (See second attached image).

My big concern is with my neck angle in profile. Would a neck lift with removal of playsmal fat banding create a nice sharp neck angle (horizontal as opposed to 45 degree angle)? Would the above mentioned vertical lengthening be appropriate to correcting this problem?

A: The main role of computer imaging is to see what type of changes a patient is looking for. So having thrown that first draft out there, you have provided the direction I was looking for in regards to your jawline shape goals.

When making custom implants, there are different than what standard stock chin and jaw angle implants have to offer. They can be made to any dimensions one desires and would be connected between all three. That is a significant advantage when it comes to addressing any loose skin around the jawline and neck lift as it will pick it up to some degree through a volumizing effect. This effect combined with a small neck lift should address any neck issues and create more of a well defined and sharper cervicomental angle.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana