Can A Custom Infraorbital-Malar Implant and Custom Jawline Implants Be Done During The Same Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi, I saw that you design Custom Infraorbital Malar Implants. It said it helps get rid of sclera show, but is this implant also part of Infraorbital rim implants?. Like does this implant also help with hollow and poor undereye support while at the same time giving the high cheekbone look?. And can this implant be inserted at the same time of a custom jawline implant?. What would be the approximate range of cost of a infraorbital malar implant+ custom jawline implant?

A: As the name implies, a custom infraorbital-malar implant provides augmentation of the infraorbital rim in both vertical and horizontal dimensions as well as can extend out onto the cheekbone and back along the zygomatic arch. This unique implant design simultaneously treats both undereye hollows as well as gives a high cheekbone look. It is common to place both custom infraorbital-malar and custom jawline implants during the same surgery. Such a combination is a well known male masculinization procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana